Yunx - The Interview EP



The Interview EP






Ambient / IDM

Typ: 12 inch
Preis: 11 CHF
Skam luminaries and Isophlux associates Yunx return with a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 'customer service e.p', their third release on their own eponymous label. This is truly unique territory, an infusion of their love for all things Detroit together with their signature electronic sound. Each and every Yunx EP is like a journey through rapidly changing terrain, 40 minutes long, exploring different textures and sceneries, doing so with devestating briliance. 'Thinking About Your Next Move' must surely register as one of the finest opening tracks to any record of its kind, a loving tribute to Carl Craig's finest hour, deep moving strings (that you could hardly imagine found their source in South Manchester), crisp offbeats, and a spooky aroma that can only really be described as life affirming. Had this been included on one of Carl's groundbreaking '69' 12"s, it would have certainly been grasped as one of its most shining moments. Pure brilliance. And then, as if by magic, 'Leave the world behind' drops in and we're transported to another place and time. Tom Tom's click in with unusual timing, once again harking back to that early Black Dog sound : washes of warmth and an innocent playfullness. Time changes hoist in and transform layers within layers of mood and atmosphere. 'Up, up and away' is signature Yunx territory : deep aquatic electronic music, subtle strings and heartwrenching melody patterns. This is truly a cut above your run of the mill kinda gush, lovingly crafted, technically flawless and effortlessly translated across mediums and genres. Truly gorgeous. Over to the flip and we're somewhere altogether different once again - 'What do you need to know' is a simply massive tune, all bouncy 4/4 and rolling drums, hands in tha air tackle in the most irresistable Detroit meets the Hacienda kinda style. All imbued with that unique Yunx warmth, offcourse. 'Things are looking up' is a 3am piece of music at it's most sleepy, tender accoustic guitar lines chopped and reshaped, a deep sub-bass swivelling back and forth, melodies galore, time changes everywhere. Epic understatement. 'The future's in your hands' ends us off with a facking ace rave throwback, all chopped piano lines that eventually break into a rip of Nitro Deluxe's awesome 'Brutal House'. That's it, digest it all and flip back to the beginning - one of those larger than life records that devestates on first contact and improves with every listen.

Side 1:

- "Thinking About Your Next Move"
- "Leave The World Behind"
- "Up,Up And Away"

Side 2:

- "What Do You Need To Know?"
- "Things Are Looking Up"
- "The Future's In Your Hand"

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