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The first full length album by France's best known dubstep export, “In_Sect” is a boundary-free wild ride through the many forms of modern bass music. Featuring collaborations with such artists as Ben Sharpa, Broken Note, Hecq and The Unik, it is a new statement of Niveau Zero's talent and his take at concert hall-friendly heavy tracks. Heavy dubstep, hip-hop, metal and breaks collide here to form a massive and addictive collection. An ear-opener against musical sectarianism, as well as a perfect album to spin or dance to. “Keep The Bass Going”: a sample from Niveau Zero's first album as well as a modus-operandi for this young but fast rising Paris-based producer. Following countless live shows, digesting influences from genres as varied as metal and hip-hop, and surfing the wave of enthusiasm raised by his previous records, Niveau Zero presents on Ad Noiseam his first full length album, “In_Sect”. Creepy crawly melodies, classical beauty, modern arrangements and sensory overload: the cover artwork for this album serves as a fitting introduction to what awaits the listener. While gargantuan basses provide the backdrop for most of the tracks, “In_Sect” is almost a textbook example of how you can combine bass music (did we say “dubstep” yet?) with other genres. Working with the South African MC Ben Sharpa on “Law Of The Universe”, Niveau Zero is next seen electronicizing hardcore riffs on “Revolution HXC” or filling up the dancefloor with the massive drops of “First”. Niveau Zero has quickly gathered praises for his live shows (winning awards at France's biggest music festival and spearheading the country's dubstep scene) and productions, resulting in a first album which adequately demonstrates that one can still create “different” dubstep. Stepping aside of the most threaded paths, Niveau Zero and his guests (among whom label mates Broken Note and Hecq) twist the genre's recipes and make it sound exhilarating again. Boundary-free, wild and imaginative: “In_Sect” is a break away from sectarianism.

01. "In_Sect"
02. "First" (Feat. The Unik)
03. "My Dog"
04. "Revolution HXC" (Feat. Real Fake MC And Plan Nine)
05. "Evil League" (Remix By Hecq)
06. "Law Of The Universe" (Feat. Ben Sharpa And Ill Smith)
07. "I Believe In..."
08. "Icon"
09. Broken Note - "War In The Making" (Remix By Niveau Zero)
10. "Gracilicornis"
11. "Hyperlord" (Feat. Ill smith)

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